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Props and Costumes

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From the video game Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, this character has a sort of a nautical / astronomy theme happening. The underside of the hat brim is filled wil shiny planets and stars, while the outside is covered with fishing hooks and gear.

Most of the costumes on this page were family projects. Each of us takes on part of the project.  The big costume show here in the Motor City area is Youmacon.  

I made the hat from sheet styrene and foamcore, then covered it with cloth and ribbon. Other details included very lightweight aluminum chain, and some custom-made styrene fish hooks.

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Vaughn The Money Man

Vaughn is a video game character from Tales From The Borderlands.  

This was another family build, and I was only responsible for the bow tie.  Kid did a great hand-paint job on the briefcase.  

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The Minuteman is a character from the videogame Fallout 4.  

The Laser Musket was a weekend build. In game, it's pieced together from scraps, so it was fun and easy to mock up a facsimile. It was made from wood, plumbing scraps, RJ-45 cable, tape, a Gatorade bottle, and an old license plate. 

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Gravity Falls

Here we are as the Gravity Falls characters Grunkle Stan, Sooz Ramirez, and Dipper Pines.

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Santa Claus

I've been playing Santa in some capacity since about age 17. Of course there have been mall gigs, and private parties.  

The biggest and best gig I've had was at a major theme park (wink) based in Orlando FL. We did two Christmas parades per day, as well as the Christmas Day filmings. It was a great experience, and I met so many incredible people.  

I'm a graduate of the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School in Midland MI.  Here is a link to an old article about the class I participated in.

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Dream Police

I thought this would be an easy costume to put together for a laugh. It's similar to the costume that Bun E. Carlos wore on the cover of the Dream Police album by Cheap Trick.  Some parts were off the shelf.  But some parts were special ordered like the hat for my giant head. I wore the costume to a Cheap Trick show, and it was well received.