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Wicked Witch Throne

Wade A. Minute

I think the Bill Campbell cover art on these old Weird-Oh’s kits are what sells them. Unfortunately, the kits themselves don’t look much like the box art.

This model is heavily modified and repositioned to look more the like box. I used a plastic easter egg to make a better hat. Added tongue warts with Green Stuff. The hair is made from feathers run through a bath of watered down PVA glue. Added some wire shoe laces, buttons from pin heads, pockets, etc.

The highlight of this piece is the broken Mickey Mouse watch, bursting with real gears and springs. I fabricated a watch face and a mouse arm.

blade runner blaster


Hodad Makin The Scene With A Six Pack  - Hawk Models 1964

More great box art by Bill Cambell, which I tried to emulate. It was a fun one. The kit came with a lot of details that I enhanced, like repositioning the legs on the crab, or adding internal features to the clam. I also added bird dookie details to the dock post.

Hand painted this kit, including the lettering on the six-pack case. I didn’t know whether to create pull tabs on the cans. (A lot of drink manufacturers switched to pull tabs in the mid 60's.)  So I made the older rusted out can have the old triangle tapped holes.

Placeholder Picture

marvin martian

Everyone seems to love Marvin, and he gets a lot of attention at shows.  

Got a nice write-up in the Holiday 2019 issue of Great Scale Modeling!  The publishers photographed it at a recent Wonderfest contest.


I found this resin kit by Morning Star Minis on a Kickstarter.  This 75mm sculpt is based on Ben Newman art.  

It was fun to paint the grocery details.  And I enjoyed building the scooter.  If I had to do it over, I'd use a different color scheme on her outfit.

This model took the "Best Little Hottie" award at the Wonderfest Resin Attack after-hours contest in 2019.

caddyshack gopher

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Clay magic sculpts

I worked as a sculptor for several years at Clay Magic, a hobby ceramics mold producer in Rockwood, MI. They produced a rotating catalog of cute and seasonal pieces. Every once in a while I'd get to do a hero piece, but a lot of my contributions were lettering, costumes, and fill-in stuff.  

I sculpted these candles, and I'm happy to see they are still in the company rotation.


The Eye Beast by Reaper Miniatures is about 2.5" tall.  I removed the original base to make him float.


Pigsy is a game piece from a board game called Arcadio Quest. He's about 2" tall. This is the first painted piece I ever sold. I was happy someone liked my work enough to buy it.  

Ferguson 3T09

This is a Ferguson 3T09 boombox from around 1978, as featured in the Bow Wow Wow video "C30-C60-C90". I eyeballed most measurements from old catalog photos, and sketched it up on Tinkercad. It was professionally printed in 1:6 scale to be compatible with fashion dolls.

Sony Walkman

This is another piece i sketched up on Tinkercad. It's the original Sony Walkman, minus the strap and leather case.  It was also designed for 1:6 scale.

Soccaro Team

This is a customized set of game pieces for the board game Soccero. My friend wanted the specific uniform of the Scotland Rangers Football Club from the 1968-1973 seasons.

Goblin King

This is another game piece from Arcadia Quest called  Hitch. He's obviously modeled after David Bowie in Labrinth. I cut off his original hand and plastic orb, and replaced it with a new sculpted hand and glass orb.

gantry luke

From the 1982 Star Wars Micro Collection, this is a repainted Luke from the Bespin Gantry playset. The inset is the same figure in commonly-found condition.

Fire demo

This was a test for a class I gave a class for our club on painting fire and lava. We focused on the colors and placement of the fire itself, and will focus on object-source lighting in a future class.

Freddy Flute

Freddy The Magic Flute, from the 1969 television show H.R. Pufnstuf, was scratch-built from PVC tube, craft foam, and Swarovski crystals in 1:1 scale.